Art in Windows Bremerton

    If you have a vacant window  space  and  would like to be on our roster, please contact us to set up an appointment  to discuss how we can enhance your space(s).  The list  we keep of all our available spaces is continuously changing.  New spaces are added whereas  others,  meet their goals of being rented out or sold , thus  removed.
Our focus is to optimize the pairing of  art  with  each specific  space. Your space looks good. The art looks good, The  downtown looks good. We look good.
We will work with you to create a contract  that meets the needs and concerns of both the property owner and  Art Windows Bremerton.
This is a mutually beneficial situation.  We creatives, and you, property owners, are always managing space.  We  are always lookiing for space, whereas you, are always looking to lease, sell  or  "get rid of space" .
Let us work  together.

Art windows Bremerton